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Confidential Ltd Company


UK Ltd formation

A director - Nomimee

A shareholder - Nominee

Power of Attorney

Company documents - Apostille

Power of Attorney - Apostile

DHL delivery


Only £ 759


Confidential LLP Company



UK LLP formation

2 Nominee Partners

Certificate of Good Standing

Power of Attorney

Company documents - Apostille

Power of Attorney - Apostile

DHL delivery 


Only £ 799










Want to be our agent?

Example of Company Documents


UK Article of Association you need to have


UK Combined Register buy from us


UK Memorandum of Association for any type of business


UK company Share Certificate – order now

Payment Options

Payment for UK company formation service

Special Offer


UK Ltd Company Formation with all company's documents
Prestige Registered Address
Barclays Bank Introduction
Accounting Service 1 month
TAX Registration (HMRC)


Price only £120

UK limited company for you from UK company Register


It takes only 3 hours to get UK company registration

Business and Accounting Services (UK) Ltd was founded eight years ago and is based in the UK. Our company’s main mission is to provide assistance in UK limited company formation. We serve more than 1700 customers from 18 countries around the world, including England, France, Spain, Germany, Monaco, Italy, India, China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus.

Our company was one of the first in the UK market to provide the full range of services necessary for setting up a limited company. The services we offer include forming a limited company, Ltd and LLP company registration, accounting services and filing of all documents to the tax office, as well as VAT registration and payment. We also provide accounting services to companies that were not formed by us.

We work with both UK residents and those residing outside the UK, it doesn’t matter to us how well you speak English, we will always be able to understand you.

Do you need FSA (Financial Service Authority) registration or consultation and organization of import-export operations? Do you want to be registered in the British Chamber of Commerce? Is it important to you that your company is represented at negotiations or trade shows? Would you like to have a reception organized in England for you or your employees? Do you need to register your trademark? We can offer all of these services and provide help and advice along the way.

And this is not the full range of what we do for our clients.

How is our company unique? Our main qualities are professionalism and speed. It suffices to say that we answer all emails (and we get more than 1000 a day) within 2-3 hours 24/7. Furthermore, you will get an answer from a professional accountant or lawyer rather than from a clerk. All of our staff are managers with MBA’s or professional accountants, who have their own authorization numbers in the tax office. This means that we are the final link in the service we provide, rather than simply middlemen.

Call us to see what we can do for you, we are confident that you will find us highly capable to provide the service you are looking for.

All of our answers are based on knowledge of UK law and our experience in the industry.

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Special offer

Final account for TAX office

Corporation TAX for TAX office

Short account for the Companies House

Annual return for the Companies House

Government fee for the Companies House


Only £750 for active company

£195 for Dormant company


(£1024 and £345 normal prices)



UK limited company formation 7 days per week
UK company for non residents

4 steps to order a UK company

Step 1 Check name availability using the Company name check button

Step 2 Press Company registration form and complete the electronic form

Step 3 Receive your invoice within the next hour. Make the payment: PayPal, bank wire or cheque.

Step 4 You will receive your company within 4 working hours after the payment is received




Thank you so much for your help with my company formation! I sell tires, that's what I know. I didn't have the first clue about how much work is involved in getting a setup. With your help, I was able to get my company started in the shortest amount of time possible. I truly believe that you provide an amazing value for the money. I'd highly recommend your services to anyone needing a company formation. The nominal fee is nothing compared to the time and headache you've saved me.

John Flynn (UK)

Thanks for helping me get my business started in the UK . At first I was planning on doing it myself. But after dealing with all of the licensing and regulation issues, and the headaches that go along with them, I decided to give your services a try. I'm extremely happy with the work you performed for me, I can't thank you enough.

Sanjay Puri (India)

Your tax accounting services are simply incredible. Accounting is definitely no my strong suite. Your company literally saved me hours upon hours of going through the paperwork and finding deductions. Thanks again!

Jeana Lovell (UK)

Your UK VAT registration service certainly pays for itself. I admit, I was skeptical because of the low price, but your company came through with flying colors.

Michael Shtolz (Germany)

I consulted with several firms looking for help with my UK company formation. After looking comparing pricing, and a recommendation from a friend, I decided to go with your company. You did a great job, I'm happy that I ended up deciding to use your services.

Bernd Klein (Isreal)

Owning a company outside of the United States , while trying to do business within the US was proving to be extremely frustrating. Your UK mail forwarding service allowed me to have a physical mailing address inside of the United Kingdom. It's helped my business to grow exponentially.

Paul Thompson (USA)

I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your accounting services. Reliable, accurate, and so much more cost effective than keeping an in house accountant. I'd recommend your service to anyone.

Ranjit Manak (India)

UK business registration within 3 working hours


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